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Without Judgement

Recently I was talking to my husband about how innocent Keanu is. He lives without judgement, he doesn't know how to be malicious or nasty. For him his world is happiness and joy with the daily bout of frustration when he can't convey his message. We don’t know his exact impression of the world, but his character projects loudly that to him life is one big musical!

To consciously step back and consider this is something I find quite mind-blowing. Whether we like to admit it or not, judgement and forming impressions is human. However, what we do or how we process impressions, acting with malice or compassion in regards to judgement is a choice.

Often I consider how different life is for someone of Keanu's level of needs, how would it be if we could live his life even for one day? I believe we would free ourselves of so many barriers which we conform to. For example really living! how would it be...laughing hilariously out loud while standing in a shopping line alone? Seeing someones yummy food and attempting to grab it? Dancing on a packed train? Singing out loud while walking down the street? For Keanu this is his life and although some things are hard for him he does not know a life any different to the one he leads which is why he is happy most of the time!

Recently we were traveling on the train, Keanu was in his stroller and another boy with special needs boarded. This boy was probably in his 20’s, living an independent life but appeared to be non-verbal. Something really beautiful happened, when he boarded our carriage he made a bee-line for Keanu and just stood next to him holding his hand and stroking his arm. The connection between them was one where words were not needed. What was amazing was out of a train of 10+ carriages the boy found Keanu, someone he could connect with and just Be. At first Keanu didn’t want to hold hands because he was concentrating on his music but the boy didn’t give up and they happily rode close by one another enjoying each other’s company. I think these are moments that present glimpses of pureness and light. Glimpses that are beyond this world and beyond our level

of comprehension for a Neurotypical person.

I thought I would share this story because I know as Keanu gets older it is so important for him to have the right supports around him. To have people that understand him and his world.

One thing I know for sure is that special children share bonds unlike any others, they vibe off one another in ways we can’t always put into words. For this I am grateful to know as long as Keanu is surrounded by love and happiness he will always be safe and protected.

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