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What You Need to Know

Stacey and Jordan Smiler are parents to Keanu (7 years) and Koel (2 years). They have been married for 8 years and currently live between Guernsey (Channel Islands) and Tokyo, Japan where Jordan is continuing his professional rugby career (Team-Toyota Shokki). They have also lived in Australia and New Zealand. Stacey was previously working at an international school in Tokyo and in 2021 completed her Masters in Special Needs Education. She is now studying to be an adults yoga teacher to complement her children's yoga qualification (completed 2017).

Stacey and the children are currently residing in Guernsey where Keanu attends a fabulous special education school and Koel is thriving at a local nursery. Jordan currently still works abroad in Japan.  

Their son Keanu was born with clubfoot and at age 1 and a half presented with epilepsy. He has a syndrome called Nicolaides-Baraitser Syndrome which is caused by a de-novo (random) gene mutation. He is the inspiration behind this blog. Their aim is to help other families with similar experiences and to educate others in understanding & accepting people with all types of special needs.

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