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Hello World!

Welcome to our new blog! Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our story; a journey into the world of special needs that began around 5 years ago. It has not been easy, but, I am proud that as a family we have strived to adjust to our ‘new normal’ and in the process become stronger as a unit.

Nearly 10 years ago I completed my Bachelor's degree in International Relations, I remember feeling inspired to commit to this course after joining the Amnesty International Group in year 13. I studied International Relations because I wanted to help people. I feel I made progress towards that goal by postgraduate study to become a primary school teacher. Through helping to impart knowledge not only through academics but also through the process of nurturing my students to become kind and gentle to one another, I felt I was making a small difference, my main professional priority has always been making sure the children are happy first.

However, never did I imagine I would be using the skills I learnt in my degree to now advocate for my child...

This blog will be covering all types of topics surrounding additional learning needs. From a more personal point I will divulge into topics close to us such as juvenile epilepsy, autism, developmental delay, clubfoot and various stories, opinions, advice and views as a parent and educator.

Looking to a broader range, we will also include themes surrounding inclusive education, intellectual & physical disability, diversity and acceptance. I believe there are so many knowledge gaps in the world involving these areas and this blog will help address this.

Thank you for the support and interest. We are genuinely so excited to be sharing with you!

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16 jul. 2020

Congratulations Stacey! Thank you for creating the opportunity for everyone to learn and become sensitive to those who are differently abled.

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